Sets of Oyster Shell Bowls

Sets of Oyster  Shell Bowls
Sets of oyster bowls.  Each one is unique.


porcelain handlessmug with gold lustre
Working in collaboration - reusable candle holders

Mug, mugs, mugs

Mug, mugs, mugs
Splatter mugs and gold lustre mugs

Medium sized vase

Medium  sized vase
Medium sized vase each with unique splatter patterns

Gold Lustre Range

Gold Lustre Range
A few pieces finished with gold lustre

Opening the kiln

Bridget Hemmings Ceramics - opening the kiln
The excitement of opening the kiln after the last firing

All product on this website are handmade and unique.

Bridget Hemmings Ceramics - unique pieces
The uniqueness of handmade porcelain pieces


Bridget Hemmings Ceramics - photography
Ceramics photoshoot

Colour Wheel

Bridget Hemmings Ceramics - colour swatches
The range of colours we offer is vast