Porcelain Splatter Handleless Mug


Porcelain mug 10cm / 4 inches tall. The mug comes in white with cobalt blue splatter, pink with cobalt blue splatter or blue azure with cobalt blue splatter.  Please state your preference when ordering.


This handleless mug (10cm x 8.5 cm ) has been made from porcelain in a mould.  First we resourced a suitably shaped mug to make a mould from.  Then once the mould had dried, liquid porcelain  (slip porcelain) was poured into the mould.  Once dry, the mug was then taken out of the mould.   Then the mug was painted with coloured stain, once dry the upper layer of stain was 'splattered' onto the mug.This was then fired, glazed added and it was fired for the second time.

When using as a mug - do not fill so high and pick it up at the top - saves burning your fingers!  It holds 250 ml but less for hot drinks.

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