Porcelain Hand-Painted Salad Bowl - Black and White


Porcelain Hand-Painted Salad Bowl

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Porcelain Salad  Bowl.

Dimensions: Width - 24 cm, height - 8 cm

This piece is uniquely handcrafted and handmade in Somerset. 

This bowl is made using a porcelain slip casting mould.  

Once the piece comes out of the mould, it is left to dry for 48 hours.  The  piece is then fired twice before the porcelain paints are applied.  The bowl is then fired for a third time. 

Hand painted with linear fruits and bold colourful shapes interspersed with area’s of mark making to add depth to the playful and organic composition.  

These are part of a collection but no two are, or ever will be, the same. 

This product is not dishwasher of microwave proof and should be washed carefully by hand.

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