Porcelain Handleless Mug


Porcelain Handleless Mug  10cm/4 inches tall and 8.5cm / 3.23 inches wide


This handleless mug (10cm x 8.5 cm ) has been made from porcelain in a mould.  First we found a suitably shaped mug to make a mould from.  Then once the mould had dried, liquid porcelain  (slip porcelain) was poured into the mould.  Once dry, the mug was then taken out of the mould.  A stain was painted on and the circles were carved on by hand.  This was then fired, glazed added and it was fired for the second time.

When using as a mug - do not fill so high and pick it up at the top - saves burning your fingers!  It holds 250 ml but less for hot drinks.

It can also be used as a plant pot for succulents!

Please specify colour choice when ordering.  10% discount on more than one.

Baby blue

Blue azure

Cobalt blue



Light grey

Light green



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